About Us

The folks behind this new concept were two hosts and one guest who had met through Airbnb and felt a magical connection from the very beginning. The guest fell in love with the top-notch service, their warm hearts and beautiful island. The hosts got inspired by the new vibes of a world-traveling professional.

Two years after their paths crossed, this guest became a colleague, joining forces to take outstanding guest relations to the core of the business. Together, they delivered more than 5,000 thoughtful guest experiences. They discovered how the true essence of travel lies not just in reaching the right destination but in the life-changing connections and personal growth that occur along the way.

As a result of this serendipitous journey, in May 2023, Arubame was born.

The AAA team (Alex, Ana, and Alicia) work every day to make the most of each Aruba experience, leaving a vivid imprint long after visitors have left the island.

They are all about service that stands out. All about making Aruba yours.

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