Aruba pirate sail, snorkel, swim & swing

Aruba Pirate Sail, Snorkel, Swim & Swing


3 - 4 Hours

Group Size

10 People


English, Dutch

About us

Set sail for a four-hour Aruba sailing adventure aboard the 85-foot Jolly Pirates schooners, cruising along the picturesque coastline in Aruba. Enjoy snorkeling in turquoise waters aboard the most requested sailing excursion in Aruba. Visit three of the island’s most popular swimming and snorkeling sites, teeming with schools of tropical fish.

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The shallow reef formations along the coast of Malmok Beach are ideal to swim and snorkel with the colorful tropical sea critters. As you sail on the Pirates ship to Boca Catalina, you find a shallow protected cove area that provides fantastic visibility. Snorkel among colorful fish waiting to greet you. Yellow striped grunts, angelfish, parrotfish, and groupers dart in and out of reef formations.

Snorkel over an awesome piece of WWII history, a 400-foot Aruba snorkeling shipwreck scuttled by its captain and crew at the onset of WWII. Resting on her port side in only 60 feet (18 meters) of water, the sight of the SS Antilla shipwreck is sure to amaze you. Its hull, nearly intact after so many years, is home to an abundant array of sea life. While under the watchful eyes of experts, the crew of your pirate sailing adventure takes you from stem to stern along the Antilla wreck, truly an impressive piece of Aruba history.

Enjoy a tasty pirate BBQ and an unlimited open bar (included). Choose to unleash your inner Jack Sparrow as you jump off the ship’s rope swing. Perfect your tan stretched out on the ample sundeck or relax under the ship’s shaded canopy with comfy seating around the bar.

Friendly crew members circulate your complimentary beverages and perform flips – literally! – to entice island visitors to return with each visit to Aruba. This pirate sailing excursion is one to remember!


  • Four-hour morning sail with snorkeling at three of the island’s most requested snorkel areas.
  • This swinging cruise is sure to be the highlight of your vacation!
  • Show off your belly flops and cannonballs on the famous pirate rope boat swing!
  • Snorkel Aruba during the hours when the sun is high — this affords you the best visibility.
  • Explore two shallow, calm snorkel bays with tropical fish and sea critters.
  • View amazing sea life at the 400-foot WWII Aruba snorkeling shipwreck, Antilla.
  • Perfect for novice and advanced snorkelers.
  • Super fun day for all ages.
  • Hands-down, this is Aruba’s most requested snorkel adventure.
  • Your full set of snorkel gear, tasty BBQ, and unlimited open bar are included in the price.


Are the tours appropriate for Childrens?

Children under 10 years old are welcome and can join the fun at reduced rates. When you fill in the appropriate boxes on the online reservation form you will be charged correctly.

How do we find the departure point?

The ships depart from the area at MooMba Beach. MooMba Beach is located in Palm Beach by the high rise hotels and just between the Holiday Inn and the Marriott Resorts. You will see the large thatched rooftops at MooMba. Our guests meet us just beside the MooMba Bar at our Skull and Crossbones Pirate Shop. From most of the high rise hotels you can walk to MooMba Beach.

Do you offer a gluten free BBQ or Vegan/Vegetarian options?

BBQ meal is suitable for gluten-free guests.  If you will require a Vegan/Vegetarian meal, please mark this during your booking process.

What does Open Bar mean?

There is no additional charge for unlimited drinks in the bar.  The Open Bar is included in the price of your ticket.

Which snorkel sites do you visit?

You will visit the shallow reefs at Boca Catalina and Malmok. The 400ft, WWII German Shipwreck which sits in 60ft of water will be a snorkel visit also.

What snorkeling gear is included on the snorkel cruises offered aboard?

Inflatable safety jackets along with mask, snorkel, and fins are included.

While we have plenty  of gear, you can feel free to bring your own gear aboard.

Is there shade aboard?

Yes, there is an enormous shade awning canopy on the ship which provides shelter from the sun and cushioned seating for your comfort.

Is the rope swing offered on all of the cruises?

Yes! We believe the rope swing is truly one of the most fun things to do in Aruba!

Are there restrooms aboard your ships?

Yes, there are two restrooms aboard.


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